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Food, nutrition and health charter

Check out Danone's food, nutrition and health charter.
"At the very heart of Danone, a core belief is that food plays a major role in promoting well-being and health in everyone.

We believe that the food industry is an actor with a role to play in the field of public health. This is why we continually strive to enhance the nutritional quality of our products, to invest in research, and to develop informative and educational programs aimed at promoting the virtues of physical activity and a balanced diet.

This conviction has always been at the heart of Danone, its history and its brands. It gets stronger every year and shapes our commitment to food quality, nutrition, and health. It also helps shape the daily activities of Danone employees around the world and is the inspiration behind our Food, Nutrition, and Health Charter."

Franck Riboud
Chairman and CEO of Groupe Danone

Download the charter (PDF)