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Our commitments

At our very core lies an economic and social vision

In 1972, Antoine Riboud spoke in Marseille about his vision of Danone's role as a company, recognizing the interdependence of economic and social factors in business. His statement included the following:

" A company's responsibility does not end at the factory or office doorstep. People's entire lives depend on the jobs it creates. Through the energy and raw materials it consumes, it changes the face of our planet. The public sees to it that we are reminded of our responsibilities in this industrial society. (…) Growth should no longer be an end in itself, but a tool which, rather than harm the quality of life, instead enhances it. "

Since then, Danone has used this philosophy to drive sustainable growth. This visionary plan has laid the founding principles for Danone’s economic and social goals. Even today, our employees around the world are designing creative business models that have a positive effect on our economy, society and environment.

Our values

At Danone, humanism, openness, proximity and enthusiasm (HOPE) promote a sense of unity in our businesses around the world.

These values are rooted in an economic and social vision that has been the driving force behind Danone since the 1970s. The Danone model is based on the idea that human development and economic performance go together.

At Danone Canada, our values shine through in everything we do, from community involvement to management style and employee remuneration policies. The responses we receive from our employees through surveys and meetings place our company among the very best employers.

In addition to great working relationships with our employees, our goal at Danone Canada is to maintain and improve relationships with all of our stakeholders and continually contribute to Canada’s sustainable development.

Danone Canada in action

Danone’s economic and social plan in Canada has resulted in a sustainable development strategy tailored to local issues:

  • Community

    Through its major initiatives, Danone Canada is proud to contribute to the improvement of healthy lifestyles for Canadians. Discover
  • Environment

    Danone Canada measures and reduces its impact on the environment thanks to innovative practices and the collaboration of its stakeholders. Discover
  • Our employees

    Danone Canada provides an inspiring workplace where all employees are committed to maintaining a safe and stimulating environment. Discover

Danone Canada is constantly trying to limit the impacts of its actions on the Earth and improve the quality of life of Canadians.